K’gari not Fraser Island

¬†We got up early to begin our highlight of our stay in Noosa. We were on our way to the largest sand island in the world which funnily enough is situated in the Great Sandy National Park. Before our tour really got underway we had a stop at the Dropbear office for a safety briefing….


Like the famous Gold Coast south of Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast north of it is famous for long sandy beaches and surfing. We want to try surfing (neither of us has done it yet), but our journey north served a different purpose: we wanted to visit the biggest sand island in the world: Fraser island….

Reunions and rainforest

We hadn’t slept much at Perth airport but come the morning we were ready for the next part of our adventure. We boarded our 4 hour flight to Brisbane and were surprised by the complimentary breakfast, drinks and entertainment. We both laughed along to Paddington 2 and the time passed quickly. Landing in Brisbane we…

It’s mint in Perth

The capital of Western Australia was a very modern and flashy city with lots of green. It was also the oldest town along the west coast. City planners had left many green spaces for parks which made the city look and feel much more livable. During our second stint in Perth we stayed with a…

Part II of our Western Australian Roadtrip: the long road south

Hopefully you have already read part one otherwise you will be wondering how we teleported 1350km north of Perth. Here’s the story of our journey back south: Day 9 Start: Lighthouse caravan park End: Tulki beach camp Distance: 58km From the lighthouse camp, we drove into Cape Range national park. Sadly the weather was miserably…