Happy New Year

Taking a look back at 2017 can only remind us of what an incredible year it has been. The first 4 months didn’t feature in our blog as we were busy packing and preparing for our wedding. The months of preparation were worth it and we couldn’t have had a better weekend. Just 3 days later, we were off to Morocco and began our big journey. Everyone we meet still finds it funny that we are on our ‘honeymoon’ 8 months later. We loved travelling with Trevor around Eastern Europe but the European summer was over a little too soon. Since then, we have become backpackers if a little atypical. Though some countries have been a little more taxing on both our wits, habits and budget we are still enjoying something everywhere we go. We have met some amazing new friends from all over the world. We could never have imagined some of the things we have done, seen and experienced (Matthias still misses separating the milk and cream in Mongolia). We like to thank everyone who has supported us along our journey. 

Looking forward to 2018 we hope to keep on adventuring until we are travelled out or missing home but there’s no telling when that might be. We promise we will try not to stay away for too long (no settling down on a far away island). Anyway, we would like to wish you all A very happy new year! We hope 2018 is a year of happiness, good health and fabulousness for you all. 

Ted loves fireworks too

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