It is crazy how time can fly: it does so not feel like it, but today it is exactly one year ago that we left, said goodbye to our friends and families and got a train to the airport. We started our super long honeymoon with a more or less rough itinerary and without an end date.
Over this adventurous year we had a lot of ups and downs but as you can probably tell, if you have been reading our blog regularly, overall we have had a brilliant time.
We are grateful to have made it so far without any serious problems. So far, the worst things were a bruised foot and ankle and a twisted knee. Welso have been lucky with only two occasions of mild food poisoning. Not bad at all!
We haven’t really got any celebrations planned and will probably be travelling through Java for most of it but we shall see what might happen…
We would also like to thank all of you, our readers and followers and hope you stay with us until the end. Seeing how many of you there are really encourages us to keep writing and hopefully we can inspire some of you or help planning a trip to some places.

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