About us


We are Matthias and Zoë, a young professional couple setting out on our biggest adventure into a new marriage and a journey around the world. Matthias is a mechanical engineer and Zoë is a veterinary surgeon, so why on earth have we given up good jobs and our home?

Well, Zoë caught the travel bug in her gap year when she went to volunteer at N/a’ankusê wildlife sanctuary in Namibia and met travellers from all over the world. Ever since she’s wanted to travel more and find new friends from different cultures. The travel bug is highly contagious and once Matthias moved permanently to Glasgow, it got him too. Matthias always liked to travel, but since he started exploring Scotland and further afield he has become eager to see the world.

We’ve spent almost 2 years saving for ‘the future’ with no idea what the future really was, moving from one goal to another. Let’s graduate first, and then get a job to get experience, then work out what we want from our careers, then get married. We felt ourselves slipping into a familiar pattern of working to live and decided we weren’t ready for all that yet. We need an adventure!

So our plan is fairly simple: explore countries and cultures, meet locals and eat lots of local food.

Our travelling companion Ted joined the family when Matthias spent his 25th birthday in Scotland.  Up until then Matthias didn’t have a Teddy bear to hug and keep him company. Ted is on a mission to be famous like Paddington bear and have his photo taken all around the world. He is also very keen to visit all his distant relatives.

Follow us on our journey and keep in touch! We hope to meet some of you along the way.

Zoë, Matthias and Ted