Our Route

All great adventures need some kind of plan, however for a trip longer than a few weeks, not every detail can be planned. Zoë is a planner and usually when we go on holiday we have our accommodation and travel booked well in advance. For this trip we will be loosely planning as we go along. This will be a challenge for both of us and requires us getting used to last minute arrangements and flexibility. However our first challenge has been to obtain Russian visas and, in order to do this we have had to book flights and choose our arrival and departure dates.

Here you can see where we have been so far:

The black lines on the map are for flights. Orange lines indicate over land/sea travel.


Even the best laid plans are waylaid somehow. We met our first stumbling block when we failed to obtain Chinese visas whilst in Mongolia and since then our plan has become somewhat more fluid. At present, (March 2018) while backpacking in South East Asia, our plan looks a little more like this:

  • Northern Thailand – Myanmar – Southern Thailand – Malaysia – Indonesia
  • Fly to Australia
  • Hiking in New Zealand
  • Fly to South America